Name:  Robert Perrone

Qualifications:  Grade 8 Pianoforte AMEB

Available:  Tuesday and Thursday

Style: Classical, Jazz and Contemporary

Ages: 8 – Adult

Level:  Beginner to intermediate

Outlook: To me, music is a union of opposing principles that encourages a student to balance and reconcile the left and right hemispheres of the brain, the conscious and unconscious minds, requiring both logical and lateral thinking and a oneness of mind and body. I aim to provide a holistic and well-rounded approach to music that covers theory, history, performance, aural training and improvisation. I believe precision and discipline as well as spontaneity and flexibility are important in lessons and in a student’s approach.

I consider music to be part of every persons higher faculties and that engaging a student’s artistic and creative potential is a great way to bring out the sensitive, intellectual, intuitive and inspired aspects of the self while facilitating growth of the mind, body and heart.

I am open to helping assist a student in their unique goals and ambitions and will attempt to cater for whichever path a student wishes to pursue. I hope that my students will begin and/or continue a lifelong love affair and appreciation that will bring them much happiness and fulfilment.