The entry with the highest overall score will also receive an invitation to participate in the Steinway Youth Piano Competition Southeast Asia Pacific Regional Finals.

Steinway Galleries Australia are excited to announce our 2022 Steinway Youth Piano Competition Australia. We invite pianists between the age of 6 and 17 to enter. All piano entries must be performed on either a Steinway, Boston or Essex piano and if you don’t happen to own one of these magnificent instruments you are more than welcome to record your performance in one of our Steinway gallery locations.

Online Registrations open on Wednesday, 1st January 2022. Applications are submitted through January and February with a video submission deadline of 31st March 2022. The registration fee is $50.00. Registrations received before 1st February 2022 are entitled to a discounted registration fee of $30.00.

For more information please visit www.steinway.com.au/competition or call our National information line on 1300 199 589.


Congratulation to Kayden Loo, winner of the 2021 Steinway National Online Piano Competition, for his great performance at Steinway Showroom Perth last weekend.


Kayden (Kai Wen) Loo was born in 2013 to Kelvin Loo and Jessica Lim in Perth, Western Australia. He is the youngest in the family with a sister named Jacelyn Loo. Both Kelvin and Jessica were born in Malaysia. Jessica is musically talented, and she taught Kayden how to play the piano from the age of four. He has progressed well and enjoyed playing pieces from classical to pop music under his mother’s guidance.

Kayden Loo completed The Australian Music Examination Board Grade 3 at the age of 6. He has enjoyed performing at his local church, charity events, and music school concerts.

Kayden Loo was a pianist under the tutelage of Professor Yoon Sen Lee at the YSL Music School, a prestigious music school which produced many award- winning students at a very young age. Kayden learned many advanced piano skills at the academy, and he excelled remarkably. In just a few months, he progressed to AMEB Grade 7 under Mr Lee’s coaching.

Youth Jam Radio Station and Examiner Newspaper recently interviewed Kayden for winning the 2021 Steinway National Online Piano Competition playing “The Flight of the Bumble Bee” by Rimsky Korsakov. Kayden will continue to strive and improve his piano skills as his dream is to become a famous composer, a piano teacher, and a concert pianist. He wishes to share his love of piano with an ever-widening audience.


We just received our Steinway & Sons award for Boston & Essex sales 2020. Australia, Number 1 in South East Asia Pacific. Great job by our team to achieve this through the pandemic last year and including Melbourne being the most locked down City in the world. Contribution from all States though to achieve this. Terrific result.


Join STEINWAY & SONS for a grand presentation of The Secrets of Steinway by actor Miles Chapin, the great-great-grandson of Henry Engelhard Steinway, founder of STEINWAY & SONS. Chapin authored “88 Keys: The Making of a Steinway Piano” and is an expert on STEINWAY piano making.



1. History of Steinway
The Steinway & Sons is more than a story of mastery and craftsmanship. It also the story of culture, arts and music. Uncover the history of Steinway and its founder, Henry Engelhard Steinway, one of the great American story.

2. Building a Steinway
Wood, Felt, Finishes and more. Find out what makes Steinway the gold standard of musical instruments and the World’s Finest Piano. Dive deep into the construction of the Steinway Rim, the patented pinblock design, the Steinway Plate and more.

3. Creating the “Steinway Sound”

4. Steinway Finishes

5. Steinway Spirio



Steinway & Sons is proud to announce a collaboration with MGM Studios to celebrate the release of RESPECT and to raise money for Jennifer and Julia Hudson’s foundation, The Julian D. King Gift Foundation.


To coincide with the release date of MGM Studios’ RESPECT, a film chronicling the rise of Aretha Franklin to her reign as the world’s “Queen of Soul,” Steinway & Sons will donate a bespoke Steinway–designed Boston piano painted in a showstopping pattern of bright colors and adorned with glittering crystals. *  The piano auction will begin on the film’s release date, August 13, 2021, and all proceeds will be donated to The Julian D. King Gift Foundation, which was founded by Jennifer Hudson and her sister Julia in 2018 to honor Hudson’s nephew, Julian.

This collaboration is a natural outgrowth of the long affinity Aretha Franklin had for Steinway. She was known to consistently play Steinway pianos throughout her life and performance career, and RESPECT honors her preferences by featuring Steinway in some of the film’s most compelling musical moments.

To honor the late artist and to proudly support Jennifer Hudson in her stunning musical artistry and film performance, Steinway & Sons arranged for the transport of a new Steinway–designed Boston upright piano to a shop space in Chicago made possible through the generosity of piano technician Jim Rielley and Rielley Piano. Here, the Boston UP-118S Performance Edition piano was painted by New York muralists MenaceResa, a duo selected by Hudson for their innovative work combining fine art and graffiti writing. The resulting one-of-a-kind piano will now be placed on auction, with all proceeds destined for Hudson’s foundation.

“Certainly, everyone at Steinway is very proud that our pianos are featured so prominently in this amazing film,” said Gavin English, President, Steinway & Sons Americas. “But the connection to RESPECT has become so much more meaningful for our ability to collaborate with MGM Studios and raise money for Ms. Hudson’s foundation. The Julian D. King Gift Foundation has helped so many young people and will continue to do so for years to come. We are thrilled to be able to donate this piano—an outstanding piece of art in its own right, to honor Julian and to help fund the Foundation’s activities.”

* This piano is covered by Steinway’s standard 10-year Boston warranty covering Steinway’s defects in material and workmanship, which does not cover these additional paintings and crystal work.


The Julian D. King Gift Foundation provides stability, support, and positive experiences for children of all backgrounds. After tragedy struck her family in 2008, Jennifer Hudson created the Julian D. King Gift Foundation along with her sister, Julia, in honor of her nephew (Julia’s son), Julian. The Foundation acts as a catalyst for change in children’s health, education, and welfare. Each year, they produce large-scale giving events in the city of Chicago, which benefit low-income families in the Chicago area who may not normally have access to the resources they need to succeed.

The Julian D. King Gift Foundation is a fund of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that meets all 20 Better Business Bureau charity standards and carries the GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency.