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Ritmuller UP118MMP



These instruments are all fitted with German Roslau strings for excellent tone production. An excellent entry level piano for any family member, young or old, wanting to learn on a quality instrument.

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Ritmuller UP118MMP Mahogany Polish

Ritmuller traditional-line instruments offer excellent build-quality and outstanding value for money. These upright pianos are available in a range of attractive finishes and cabinet styles to suit any taste. The hammers and action are made in-house using CNC machines for maximum precision and assembled by experienced technicians in a humidity and temperature-controlled workshop. These instruments are all fitted with German Roslau strings for excellent tone production.

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Dimensions148 x 59 x 118 cm
PlateTraditional sand-cast, CNC processed, high gloss
RibsFull length ribs into a notched liner
Back postFine spruce
StringsRoeslau Strings, made in Germany
Bass stringsSolid copper wound bass strings
BridgesCross-ply laminated hard maple with cantilevered bass bridge
Pin block17 cross ply hard maple-designed rigidity and superior holding power
Tuning pinsCut thread, Chromium plated
ActionFull sized direct blow
Hammer100% virgin wool, T-wired, waterproof
KeysAll made of spruce, CNC processed in high accuracy
KeybedExclusive Euro-designed pine frame with expansion capacity
Action railPremium Aluminum alloy
Seasoned for DestinationYes
Keyboard88 keys
FinishesMahogany polish
Also available asSilence system
Slow-fallboardYes for UP118MMP


Shan Lu
Shan Lu
06:13 16 Feb 19
It's a nice store with many beautiful fancy grand pianos and affordable upright ones. Customer service was considerate and wonderful. Chris even invited me to play a whole piece on a Steinway&Sons grand piano, which was amazing and made my day!read more
Lui Taicligh
Lui Taicligh
00:46 22 Jan 19
This place is excellent if you're rich, a pianist and wanting a Steinway & Sons piano, I wouldn't recommend this place at all if you're a beginner (unless you're rich) or have a budget of $7-10K, because a good piano with a good quality strings will cost you much more than $30-40K, concert pianos range from &100-350K if you want one, the colour range is great, there are white pianos if you're after one but 97% of them are black and polished, also at the back of the store there are some good music books if you want one as well. I would recommend this place for rich people only, great friendly staff as well 7/10 (because I left empty-handed due to the high prices)read more
Raelle Smit
Raelle Smit
09:59 21 Dec 18
The team at EPG we’re verry helpful. Good info, easy to understand and great deals. Chris and the team were fantastic to deal with. Thank more