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Excellent Master Violin No. 68

This instrument is the top of the line of Heinrich Gill violins. To go any higher, you are looking at a custom handmade ($10,000-$15,000) instrument completed by Bernd Dimbath (owner of Heinrich Gill) himself.

The Heinrich Gill Master Violin Model 68 is made of aged and selected tonewood. Every single piece is handcrafted at a very high level, graduated and tuned to perfection.

The highest-grade maple back and ribs are very well flamed, noticeably more that the Model 66. The European spruce top is nicely aged and has a very tight grain. The varnishing and fittings are somewhat nicer than the Model 66.

Coupled with the superior materials and expert German craftsmanship, this concert instrument has a rich, warm, and well-balanced tone throughout the range. This instrument has great acoustic power; perhaps a bit more than the Model 66. Comes with GLK-VW Pearl white Combi Case.


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Shan Lu
Shan Lu
06:13 16 Feb 19
It's a nice store with many beautiful fancy grand pianos and affordable upright ones. Customer service was considerate and wonderful. Chris even invited me to play a whole piece on a Steinway&Sons grand piano, which was amazing and made my day!read more
Lui Taicligh
Lui Taicligh
00:46 22 Jan 19
This place is excellent if you're rich, a pianist and wanting a Steinway & Sons piano, I wouldn't recommend this place at all if you're a beginner (unless you're rich) or have a budget of $7-10K, because a good piano with a good quality strings will cost you much more than $30-40K, concert pianos range from &100-350K if you want one, the colour range is great, there are white pianos if you're after one but 97% of them are black and polished, also at the back of the store there are some good music books if you want one as well. I would recommend this place for rich people only, great friendly staff as well 7/10 (because I left empty-handed due to the high prices)read more
Raelle Smit
Raelle Smit
09:59 21 Dec 18
The team at EPG we’re verry helpful. Good info, easy to understand and great deals. Chris and the team were fantastic to deal with. Thank more