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About Us – The Exclusive Piano Group Clearance Warehouse stands as a prominent division of the renowned Exclusive Piano Group. This distinguished entity was birthed from the collaborative efforts of Lindsay Fox AC and Mark O’Connor, two individuals deeply passionate about the world of music.

Central to our ethos at the Exclusive Piano Group Clearance Warehouse is a dedication to delivering unparalleled pianos accompanied by unmatched customer service. No matter your budget or musical inclinations, our team is devoted to ensuring every customer is catered to, guiding them to the instrument that best resonates with their needs.

What truly differentiates the Exclusive Piano Group from its industry peers is its altruistic commitment. Lindsay Fox, along with the entire Fox family, has vowed that all profits they garner from the business are to be dedicated to charitable endeavors. Their primary objective is to nurture and bolster Music and The Arts in Australia, emphasizing their dedication not just to pianos, but to the broader artistic and cultural landscape of the nation.

The instrument range available at the Exclusive Piano Group Clearance Warehouse is both vast and meticulously chosen. From beginners on the hunt for a world-class hand-made concert grand piano, our collection is designed to cater to every musical need. We are steadfast in our commitment to quality, ensuring that from entry-level acoustic pianos to the zenith of musical craftsmanship, each instrument embodies excellence.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Steinway, Boston, or Essex piano, contact us at 1300 199 589 or visit www.steinway.com.au

About Us - Exclusive Piano Group Clearance Warehouse
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