Preowned Alex Steinbach AS-145D

Original price was: $12,999.00.Current price is: $8,800.00. In order to purchase this piano you will need to call our store for a delivery estimate.

Available for purchase is an Alex Steinbach AS-145D grand piano, a model that combines practical functionality and a straightforward design, offering a reliable piano option for various players.


Key Features

  • Sizeable Grand: The Alex Steinbach AS-145D, with its notable length, provides a substantial soundboard and string length, accommodating a variety of musical settings.
  • Sound Quality: The AS-145D is recognized for delivering a clear and consistent tone, suitable for diverse musical genres and playing styles.
  • Responsive Action: The piano features an action designed for control and responsiveness, facilitating expressive playing.
  • Durable Construction: Alex Steinbach pianos are known for their durable construction, ensuring stable performance and longevity.
  • Classic Aesthetic: With a traditional grand piano shape and various available finishes, the AS-145D brings a classic aesthetic to any setting.


Functional: All keys, pedals, and functions are operational, ensuring the instrument is ready for playing.


The pre-owned Alex Steinbach AS-145D is available for viewing and purchase at our location. To explore its features and playability in person, please visit us at Address: 1396 High Street, Malvern, Vic, 3144. Appointments are necessary for viewing, so kindly call us at 1300 199 589 to schedule your visit.

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